Allagiulia was born in 2010 out of Giulia’s need to find her place in the world, putting herself out there and indulging her imagination. Venetian blood but Roman heart, an important pillar for his creativity.

Giulia after graduation joined her husband in shopping for the family stores, wearing on her feet simple Friulian shoes that she bought at the stalls in beautiful Venice. Simple slippers, devoted to the practicality of a tradition as old as gondoliers.
However, noticing that they intrigued the eyes of the discerning, he decided to revisit them, exploiting their traditional style and form. He first began playing with fabrics, changing and combining colors and qualities, and then embellishing them with trimmings. All while always managing to maintain all the necessary ground rules, the first among them: Italian craftsmanship.

Year after year great satisfaction begins to follow, able to fuel more and more passion and creativity.

Supermodel Behati Prinsloo wears allagiulia friùs for GLAMOUR USA in a Bruce Weber-signed photo shoot set in Morocco.
BARNEYS NEW YORK, meanwhile, dedicates a shelf within its famous and iconic footwear department to allagiulia.
Important collaborations are signed that become true partnerships, certainly worth mentioning is the one with the renowned resort BORGO EGNAZIA, with the Milanese fashion designer MARTA FERRI and with the brand that exalts Italian-ness ISSIMO by Marie Louise Sciò.


They call it scarpet, papussa, babbuccia. Allagiulia calls it FRIU’. 

The Friulian slipper is traditionally a poor shoe, handmade from scraps of fabric, bicycle tyres and felt. Initially sold in large straw baskets brought to Venice by women from the Friulian countryside and then widely used by gondoliers. In its simple shape and perfectly non-slip rubber sole, they found the right uniform for their gondolas.

Allagiulia’s flair and taste thus praise that class that should never disappear and give lovers of refinement a new and refined key to classicism.

Allagiulia’s FRIU’ have character, style and features that are unique and why not… also personal. The upper fabrics, the trimmings, the initials… there is always an ingredient that gives uniqueness and particularity to each pair created and made.

Giulia then believed over all these years that it was necessary to embellish them not only in the shape but also in the structure, so while keeping the ‘shape’ intact, she improved the ‘content’. Starting with details that enrich the style, moving from elegance to practicality, the materials have also undergone optimal changes. The sole, for example, is now more comfortable and softer, made of hypoallergenic, non-toxic and durable materials.