Scarpet, Papussa, Furlana. Allagiulia friulana slipper is just called FRIU’.
Traditionally was a poor shoe, handmade with scraps of fabric, bicycle tire and felt. 
Initially sold in large straw baskets from the countryside women, the friulana slipper became the “gondolieri” right uniform, thanks its simple form and its skidproof rubber sole.

Allagiulia gives each pair uniqueness and particularity while maintaining the basic rules, first of all the Italian craftsmanship. 

Giulia believed moreover it was necessary to develop the original friulana not only in the shape but also in the structure; she kept the intact “shape” but improved the “contents” and the inner sole is now more comfortable and soft, made with hypoallergenic, non-toxic and durable materials.