The Friuliana


Scarpet, papussa, friulana slipper. Traditionally the friualana slipper was a poor shoe, handmade with fabric scraps, bicycle tires and felt, initially sold in large straw baskets brought to Venice by the women of the Friulian countryside, then widely usedby gondoliers thanks to its simple form and perfectly non-slip rubber soles.

A tribute to Venice, the one of allagiulia, who realized the dream reinterpreting the accessory that most characterizes her daily … after all, even Audrey Hepburn wore shoes ‘alla sabrina’ …!

The originality of allagiulia lies not only in the choice of great fabrics, classic or real vintage pieces that give uniqueness to each pair but also, and probably above all, in the game of trimmings that binds her FRIU ‘.

The inspiration and taste of allagiulia praise the class that should never disappear and give lovers of sophistication a new and refined key to style